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DUE PROCESS, an performance collaboration between Sandra Johnston and Dominic Thorpe based on the recent Permanent People's Tribunal investigation on War Crimes in Sri Lanka, will take place on 27th of February, 5-8 pm, in Temple Bar Gallery in Dublin.

Download poster [pdf-file: 640 kb]

Findings of the People's Tribunal on Sri Lanka

The findings of the People's Tribunal on Sri Lanka have been released.

The Irish Forum for Peace in Sri Lanka (IFPSL) wishes to state, that the copyright for printing and publishing of all languages of the findings document of the People's Tribunal on Sri Lanka (PTSL) rests solely with the Permenent People's Tribunal (PPT) and the IFPSL.

People's Tribunal on Sri Lanka [pdf-file: 829 kb]

Dublin Tribunal finds against Sri Lanka on charges of War Crimes

 Press Release 18th January 2009

In Dublin today, 16th January, at 2.00pm the Peoples' Tribunal Chairman Francois Houtart read the preliminary findings of the Peoples' Tribunal on the war in Sri Lanka and its aftermath. There were four findings:
1: That the Sri Lankan Government and its military are guilty of War Crimes;
2: That the Sri Lankan Government is military are guilty of crimes against humanity;
3: That the charge of genocide requires further investigation;
4: That the international community, particularly the UK and USA, share responsibility for the breakdown of the peace process.

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